What is mechatronics? – english


mechaweb_icon_37The Mechatronical Secondary Vocational and Grammar School opened its gates on 1st of September 1990. It was an absolutely innovative enterprise as mechatronics looked back on a very short past of ten years at that time. Our school was the first in the world which started educating professionals on a secondary level.

 The EU definition of mechatronics is the following:

Integration of mechanics,
digital controlling

in the process of designing and generating procedures and products.

Mechatronics integrates different fields which substitute and help each other.

On the cover of the most acknowledged journal ”Mechatronics” published in Oxford, you can read the following slogan: ”Science of intelligent machines”. Today it is fairly obvious that the future belongs to machines and equipments which apart from operating automatically are able to regulate themselves adapting to the ingoing alternating signs, working conditions, environmental changes which means they are intelligent. Mechatronics is a diverse profession. There is hardly any field of modern mechanical and electrical engineering and digital services which are not dealt with in the process of education.

The importance of the profession is shown in the high minimum scores for university entrance at the Technical University of Budapest.

The basic knowledge that can be obtained at the Mechatronical Secondary Vocational School is sufficient for our students – after a certain amount of education at a company – to meet the demands in any of the several subfields.

The students who passed their final exam at our school cannot only find workplaces easily but they can continue their studies in higher education as well.




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