The UK quiz

UK QUIZ competition 20161






  1. Describe the flag of the UK. Do you know its nickname?
  1. In the Royal coat of Arms the unicorn stands for…
  1. What is Hadrian’s Wall?
  1. Who is the only British monarch who has reigned longer
    than Queen Elizabeth?
  1.  When was the British constitution signed?
  1. When did England and Scotland formally unite?
  1. What does the statue of the Golden Boy
    of Pye Corner commemorate?
  1. What village in Somerset is famous for its cheese?
  1.  How many times has London hosted the Olympics?
  1. What do British people measuretheir own weights in?
  1.  Who was the Prime Minister when
    Queen Elizabeth acceded to the throne?
  1. What is the Gherkin?
  1. What London play is the longest running production in history?
  1. What is a swan upper?
  1. What is the busiest Underground Station in London?
  1. If you want to drink a pint of strong dark beer, ask for a pint of …
  1. ’Bobbies’,’fuzz’,’pigs’ are all nicknames for…
  1. What is the name of the famous London-based soap opera?
  1. Which England football club has won
    the Premier League the most times?
  1. Which queen was the ’Virgin Queen’?
  1. What day a week would you typically have roast beef and
    Yorkshire pudding with your meal?
  1. What members of the Royal Family have competed at the Olympics?
  1. What does a chancellor sit on in the House of Lords?
  1. Who is the current heir to the British throne?
  1. Who began the custom of ’shaking hands’
    hundreds of years ago? What does it mean?